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Our products are used to:

_reduce the uncertainty of Machine Learning models,

_prioritize enterprise data efforts,

_support experts in the ML loop,

_improve the quality of ML models, especially in multi-class settings with complex ontologies,

_reduce data footprint and compactify ML models so as to be used by the Internet of Things applications,

_improve gaming experience via more challenging and realistic AI in games,

_create intelligent advisory systems from pre-compiled building blocks.


Arahub is an already implemented solution that aims at integrating the world of computer vision systems with smartphone tracking for delivering data useful in interactive applications, such as interactive advertisements. The primary goal of Arahub is to provide statistical data about people present near an area of interest. Examples of such data are: the number of people watching a commercial on a display within a specified time period, the gender of a person currently watching a shop exposition, shopping preferences of a person moving towards a display, etc. Arahub solution fuses data from several sources: vision systems, indoor positioning or mobile apps. The most interesting is the possibility of integrating data from multiple sources to gather even more commercially valuable insight. The architecture of the Arahub system consists of a distributed sensor network, which includes all equipment installed on-site, and centralized data aggregation part, which includes multiple services running in the cloud environment. The distributed, sensory part of Arahub is based on a custom-built hardware solution - the Arabox, which integrates a vision system, WiFi monitoring and GPU-enabled computing.

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